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The organic home garden: Autumn

In the first of Organic Edible Garden’s blog series, they have expert advice on Autumn planting in this season of abundance.

By organic
March 10th, 2017
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Organic gardening in urban spaces

It’s easy to associate sprawling country spaces with organic gardening, but you can grow your own healthy produce in a small city place, too.

By amanda
December 14th, 2016
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Walking the talk – acting retail manager Yulia Podrul

Our acting retail manager Yulia Podrul tells us how walking to work, minimising waste and supporting local producers has added up to more sustainable living.

By ally
October 13th, 2016
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Planting an organic Spring garden

Organic gardening, even if you only have a tiny patch of land, enables you to have a natural relationship with the cycle of nature and the production of food.

By renee
August 30th, 2016
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Buffy-Ellen Gill’s chocolate raspberry tart

Try this dairy, gluten and refined sugar free version of a an indulgent dessert.

By nicola
April 12th, 2016
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Healthy hormones? Kathleen Wills talks energy and weight management

If you’re low on energy or struggle with weight management, it might pay to look at your hormonal health, says integrative medicine specialist Kathleen Wills.

By amanda
March 24th, 2016
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Magnum style icecreams
Get inspired with these raw, organic or vegan recipes

We’ve got some new recipes to whet your appetite, thanks to some of our generous Facebook fans who recently shared some of the raw, organic or vegan cuisine they make at home.

By amanda
October 15th, 2014
Cooking class with Little Bird Organics
Green smoothie recipe from Little Bird Organics

According to the lovely Megan May of Little Bird Organics – green smoothies “make you happy from the inside out”. And having just tried one, we’d have to agree!

By Melanie Rands
July 22nd, 2014
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Beetroot and greens on a bench
Detoxing with juices for optimal health

Si Guppy shares some fascinating insights into why detoxing needs to be the first step in the direction of optimal health and how cleansing juices can help you along the way.

By Melanie Rands
January 15th, 2014
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Six things you can do to help save our bees

Varroa Mite, the use of pesticides and a lack of nutritious food sources are each contributing to the plight of our bees, but there are ways you can help.

By Malcolm Rands
August 2nd, 2013
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