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How to help kids go green

We’ve been thinking about some good things you can help kids do to make a contribution to the health of the planet.

By amanda
March 12th, 2017
Healthier cleaners protect our waterways

Doing a household cleaning product check is an important step if you’re also looking to lessen the environmental impact of what you use.

By amanda
February 3rd, 2017
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Politics, business, sport and ecostore: Tessa Berger’s healthy life

We asked the captain of the football team we sponsor – who’s also a business owner, political candidate and environmental campaigner – about what makes a healthy lifestyle.

By amanda
October 19th, 2016
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Win a magical stay at Takou River (competition now closed)

Grab your chance to win a glamping stay in eco-luxury at Magic Cottages, Takou River.

By amanda
December 7th, 2015
Apps and websites for a healthier planet

Many of us are looking for ways to be a bit more eco-friendly in our daily lives and the internet and our mobile phone can be two of our most helpful allies.

By amanda
September 24th, 2015
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ecostore adds to winning record with second Green Ribbon Award

Our CEO and co-founder Malcolm Rands has collected ecostore’s second Green Ribbon Award, an annual prize given by New Zealand’s Environment Ministry.

By amanda
June 5th, 2015
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How to get dishes clean more safely and naturally

Dishwash liquid that produces long lasting bubbles and foam could be made from chemicals that aren’t necessary and may not be such a safe option when it comes to your health .

By Melanie Rands
April 6th, 2015
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Is there a link between environmental toxins and diabetes?

There are some well known, accepted risk factors for diabetes, such as diet, obesity, lack of exercise, smoking, family history and ethnicity. But naturopath and medical herbalist Rosanne Sullivan says emerging research over the last nine or 10 years shows there “may be a new kid on the block”, and that’s environmental toxins.

By amanda
March 30th, 2015
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Gentler options for baby: the O’Hoy family’s story

Auckland couple Ros and Stephen O’Hoy starting seeking eco products when they had their first daughter Meelan four years ago. And with little Ada’s arrival, gentler options took on an even more important dimension.

By amanda
February 18th, 2015
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Environmental toxins and the new paradigm of children’s autism

Autism has traditionally been seen as a brain disease caused by genetics. But Dr Leila Masson outlines a new paradigm that has risen alongside the number of cases in children, which says environmental toxins can contribute to the condition in those who are genetically predisposed.

By amanda
November 21st, 2014
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