Article - What happens when our laundry powder gets put to the test?

What happens when our laundry powder gets put to the test?

2011 was a great year for our laundry powder, when it was recently put to the test against some heavyweight brands in a Colmar Brunton survey commissioned by Canstar Blue, it came out trumps and got a five star rating for performance. In fact Colmar Brunton’s latest Better Business, Better World survey cites ecostore, as the only SME, and one of only four brands that the public named as the most sustainable organisations in New Zealand. The other three brands were Air New Zealand, Meridian and Body Shop. Not bad for a plant and mineral based product that’s free of nasty chemicals. Take a look at those stories below.

ecostore Beats out Big Brands in Consumer Survey

Survey Shows ecostore Stands out Amongst Big Brands

Sustainability a Savvy Business Move

Price not Brand say Kiwis

Our research and development team have made several tweaks in the formulation over the past year, with the aim of being able to remove the plastic bag from inside our boxes. The plastic bag has been a huge nagging concern for us in terms of reducing waste but it has been necessary until now to stop the powder from absorbing airborne moisture and clumping together. Solving that problem without resorting to using nasty chemicals, has been a huge challenge. Along the way we’ve had problems with it not dissolving or with being too dusty but we’ve had a fantastic team on the job who have fixed those issues and we feel we are much closer to having a formulation that does not need to be sealed inside a plastic bag. We are hopeful that our bag-less boxes will start appearing over the next 12 months and will keep you posted on this.

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