Article - Want to see how ecostore shower cleaner stacks up against the big brands?

Want to see how ecostore shower cleaner stacks up against the big brands?

We know that for people to make the switch to healthier and safer eco products like ours they have to work as well as mainstream brands and fair enough too. But there’s a lingering prejudice that eco products just won’t cut the mustard compared to products containing stronger or harsher chemicals. This was probably true once, but with advances in science and technology there’s no longer any need to accept anything less than utterly awesome.

NZ Herald Article showing comparative star ratings of the tested products

Our lead formulator, Sir Ray Avery, is a fan of Einstein who believes that the most elegant formulations are the simplest ones. Because of this he always aims to use the least number of chemicals at the lowest concentrations to get the best results. Once we’re happy that a new formulation meets our health and safety criteria, we start independent laboratory testing to prove that they work as well as, if not better than leading brand alternatives.

You might have seen the NZ Herald article comparing ecostore shower cleaner to 18 other mainstream shower cleaners. Our 4.5-star rated shower cleaner uses just 3 ingredients, compared to more than 20 in some of the competing products. You can read the New Zealand Herald article here Tests put acid on bathroom cleaning aids.

Have you tried our shower cleaner? Let us know what you think.

Image Source: NZ Consumer Magazine as shown in the New Zealand Herald, Tuesday 8 October 2013

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    Hello there,
    thanks for your great product demonstrations. As a professional cleaners, i always look best and Eco-friendly products for cleaning. I have used lots of cleaning material and do research on other chemicals . According to my experience, you guys are best cleaning product suppliers in New Zealand market.
    By Kirstie on Fri July 15, 2016
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    I have a confession, I'm not so much of a wiz at housework, it's largely the domain of my fastidious husband (yes, I'm a VERY lucky girl). He tried this shower cleaner just the other day and was SUPER impressed. At times he's been a bit sceptical about eco cleaners working as well as the really potent brands for tough jobs like soap scum, but he's now very pleased indeed with his gleaming white shower box.
    By Sara on Wed November 27, 2013

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