Article - Walking the talk: Community manager Isa Varga

Walking the talk: Community manager Isa Varga

In the second of our series finding out more about how some of our ecostore team lives more sustainably, we chatted with community and relationships manager Isa Varga and how small changes to the way she commutes, and a switch to gentler personal care products are adding up to a big impact.

Tell us about yourself.

 I’ve recently moved from Wellington to Auckland with my husband and we have been enjoying getting to know a new city. We’ve loved being here for summer, and making the most of the beautiful beaches nearby.

I work in the marketing team at ecostore, and am responsible for looking after community requests and managing relationships with people and brands who have similar values to us. The highlight for me is being able to support community events.

I love spending time outdoors, and try to get out for walks as much as possible. Recently I’ve been walking up Mount Albert, in central Auckland which is nice on the weekends and handy as it’s close to home.

What changes have you made to live more sustainably?

My husband and I carpool to work everyday,  which saves us from needing two cars.

We’ve recently planted our first vegetable garden to grow our own produce, including lettuce, zucchini and spinach. And we reduce our food waste by composting, which helps to keep the garden in great shape too.

A few years ago I switched my cosmetics to nasty chemical and cruelty free products. I also use the ecostore body and cleaning ranges at home.

When we moved to Auckland we brought all of our furniture second hand, which meant that we could re-use pieces instead of buying everything new.

What have been the main benefits for you and the planet since making these changes?

Having one car between us means that we save money on petrol and maintenance and reduce our carbon footprint.

We’re also saving money on produce by growing our own, and organic vegetables are much cleaner for us to consume. There’s also a real feel good factor in knowing we aren’t wasting food by using any scraps as compost.

Using cruelty free and more natural cosmetics means I’m using less manufactured chemicals on my body and in our home each day, and they’re kinder on animals too.

Which is your favourite ecostore product and why?

The lemongrass bar soap.

What tip would you offer to those looking to make more environmentally responsible choices?

You can’t do it all at once, so start with small adjustments and make one change at a time.

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