Article - Walking the talk – baby category manager Mandz Bishop

Walking the talk – baby category manager Mandz Bishop

Welcome to the latest instalment of Walking the Talk, where we find out how ecostore team members build sustainability into their daily lives. This week it was Mandz Bishop’s turn – she manages our baby category marketing. We chatted to her about her passion for travel and the arts, and how she and her partner care for the environment.

1. Tell us about yourself.

 I live in the Auckland suburb of Saint Mary’s Bay and walk to work each day. As long as I live in the city I’ll always want to live within walking distance of my workplace. I love cities that facilitate good public transport too, because I really don’t think we should have so many cars on the road.

At ecostore I look after the baby category, which covers anything from brand communications to new product development and existing product improvements. I spend a lot of time working out the manufacturing side of things as well as strategic brand planning, which is my favourite part of the job, because it’s creative.

I come from an art and design background, and have worked in the arts for many years. I used to live in Melbourne and worked for the Fringe Festival there as well as Chunky Move, which is a contemporary dance company. I love any kind of festival, and like to try all sorts of new activities in the arts space – I do Cuban salsa, yoga and last year I studied Maori and Spanish. I’ve got a pretty wide variety of interests, but travel is my number one. In a few months I’m travelling to Sri Lanka, which I’m really excited about, and one day I’d love to explore Africa.

2. What changes have you made to live more sustainably?

I walk to work, which is great to clear the mind and get some exercise.

My flatmates and I use re-usable shopping bags over plastic wherever possible. When we do use plastic we recycle them until they fall apart. I don’t buy plastic water bottles and make sure to carry a refillable one with me.

I only wear hand me downs, which a lot more sustainable than buying everything new.

We recycle everything we can at home and try to get all of our mail online, saving us from wasting paper. I live in a shared flat, which has a community feel and means we share costs and resources like power and water.

I use plant based products on my body and at home as I’m really mindful of unhealthy chemicals and what’s going into my greywater.

3. What have been the main benefits for you and the planet since making these changes?

Walking to work instead of driving lowers my carbon footprint, which is good for the planet, and it’s also a good way for me to get some physical movement at the start of each day.

Wearing second hand clothes, recycling and staying away from plastic bottles has reduced my waste at home and saves me money and being conscious of greywater means I’m not putting harsh chemicals down the drain, which could have negative effects on the environment.

 4. What is your favourite ecostore product and why?

The dishwasher tablets are really effective and I think the lip balms are awesome. I like that they aren’t too feminine looking, which encourages guys to use them too- my dad uses them!

5. What tip would you offer to those looking to make more environmentally responsible choices?

The internet is a really great resource for researching easy ways to make simple changes. By starting small, you can slip adjustments into your existing lifestyle, and make bigger changes over time.

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