Article - Tips to care for your kids’ hair

Tips to care for your kids’ hair

Why is it that kids’ hair always seems a bit unruly? There are those odd spikes when they first get out of bed, or strange knots after a day of playing out in the wind and rain or a summer swim at the beach or the pool. It often falls to parents to try to tame and tresses, which often isn’t easy. Just as well they love a zany style!

If you’ve struggled to get your kids' hair under control and want some tips for the best care, we hope we’ve found out some things that will help.

Make it unique

Your child’s age and hair type bring different needs. If they are younger and have fine hair, you may not need to use as much shampoo or conditioner, and may not need to wash their hair as often if it doesn’t have a tendency to get oily. And curly hair may tangle more easy and become drier at the ends, possibly needing more conditioning. Haircare designed for children will help care for their more fragile scalp. It’s a great idea to test any new kids’ hair products to check they’re not causing any irritation and that they’re suitable for their hair type.

Go gently

A child’s hair is often well cared for with gentle application of haircare, and with the use of a wide tooth comb or softer bristled brush. Air drying is a good option if it’s sunny, otherwise a soft towel or a lower setting on the hairdryer can be used. If your child’s hair is longer, a hair tie that’s not too tight and will easily slide out is a good choice.


With the daily effects of activity and the weather, it’s easy for kids’ hair to get tangled. A detangler is really helpful for removing difficult knots, and it can also help to work through sections of hair in turn with a wide tooth comb. Check out our kids range detangler if you’re looking for a new option for your young ones. And check out our whole kids range here, including a three in one shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

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