Article - Tips for getting the most out of our handwash soap

Tips for getting the most out of our handwash soap

We’ve compiled some advice on using ecostore handwash soap effectively and about how to avoid some nasty chemicals.

1. Remember, a little goes a long way, one or two pump’s worth of soap is all you need for a thorough clean.

2. If the nozzle gets clogged then give it a quick rinse in warm water and remove any build up of soap underneath the nozzle with your finger nail or with a small brush (a dedicated toothbrush is really good for this job).

3. Re-using is always preferable to recycling, which is why we also also make our handwash in 500ml and 5L refill sizes.

4. For hygiene reasons it’s a good idea to rinse the whole pump regularly before you refill it. Just place the pump in warm water, gently brush the nozzle removing any dried liquid soap and pump water through a few times.

Washing your hands clean of nasty chemicals. Washing your hands regularly is one of the basics of good hygiene, but if you’ve ever noticed a tight tingling feeling after washing your hands you could be doing your skin more harm than good. That’s because some of the chemicals used in hand wash products, like Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES), Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamide DEA/MEA, are known skin irritants that can cause dry hands by stripping away the skin’s natural protective oils. This is not so good because dry, irritated skin can lead to more serious problems later on like eczema and dermatitis.

Rich emollients in our hand wash for preventing dry skin. Our hand washes are made from gentle, naturally derived ingredients, such as Glyceryl Oleate, which means you can wash your hands many times a day without stripping the natural protective oils from your skin. Skin needs to repair and regenerate to stay healthy which requires moisture and that’s where emollients come in handy; they are used in moisturisers to help dry skin gain and retain moisture. Providing a protective layer on top of skin to seal in moisture and prevent it from evaporating. They also increase the water-holding capacity of skin and draw water into skin providing a natural slip and glide across skin for a smoother feel. We have 3 flavours of handwash: Orange and Patchouli, Rose and Cardamon and Coconut and Vanilla.

Keep your pump in good shape.  Some of the plant-based ingredients we use in our hand washes tend to dry out when they’re exposed to air for long periods, meaning any residue in the pump nozzle, builds up eventually clogging the pump. One of the main culprits is Guar Gum which comes from the Guar bean and is a natural  stabilising agent and thickener. But we think the pay off for using natural ingredients like Guar Gum and Glyceryl Oleate instead of nasty chemical alternatives is well worth it. What do you reckon? We’re working hard to fix this situation but in the meantime if you follow the easy steps above you should have no problems keeping your pump pumping!

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    natural skin care products...

    4 tips for getting the most out of our hand wash soap. | ecostore New Zealand Blog...
    By natural skin care products on Sun June 09, 2013
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    Thanks - yes, I'll have a go at using a mini shampoo bottle. I guess the problem is remembering to take it with me everywhere I need to wash my hands!
    By sally on Fri August 17, 2012
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    Thanks for your comments Sally, I'll pass your them on to our new product development team. Travel size products would be great! What I do sometimes is decant a little of our products into smaller plastic bottles to take away.
    By Melanie on Fri August 17, 2012
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    I use the hand wash soap at home and find it easy on my skin - your blog post has clarified why! But when I'm out and about, or away from home for a while, if I need to wash my hands a lot, the soaps provided cause my skin to split and/or get patches of dermatitis. So I'm wondering if Ecostore can produce a "travel" handwash soap (preferably in a refillable tube)?. This becomes a problem when I need to wash hands often when away from home - I end up with dermatitis on my hands.
    By sally on Thu August 16, 2012

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