Article - Steer clear of handwash nasties

Steer clear of handwash nasties

We like to be able to wash our hands with products that keep our skin clean, nourished and protected. But some handwashes can contain chemicals that might be doing your skin more harm than good.

Some of these chemicals include sodium laureth sulphate, a foaming agent that can also irritate your skin. Some might contain cocamidopropyl betaine (CAPB), another chemical used in washes and detergents that may irritate skin. Cocamide DEA is another irritant – it can strip the skin’s natural protective oils and dry out your hands. That might later lead to skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis.

ecostore has chosen gentle, plant-based ingredients for its handwashes, leaving out these potential irritants.

Our formulation includes Glyceryl Oleate, so washing your hands regularly each day won’t strip your skin’s protective oils. Glyceryl Oleate is an emollient, and these moisturise skin to help it repair and regenerate. They also protect the skin, sealing in moisture and drawing water into skin.

Our handwash comes in three fragrances: Orange and Patchouli, Rose and Cardamon and Coconut and Vanilla. We also offer foaming handwash in Grapefruit and Mint, and Cucumber and Bergamot.

We’ve also compiled a few tips for using ecostore handwash:

  • One or two pump’s worth of soap is all you need for a thorough clean.
  • If the pump nozzle gets clogged then give it a quick rinse in warm water, then remove soap build up underneath the nozzle with your fingernail or with a small brush.
  • Re-using is always preferable to recycling, which is why we also also make our handwash in 500ml and 5L refill sizes.
  • For hygiene reasons it’s a good idea to rinse the whole pump regularly before you refill it. Just place the pump in warm water, gently brush the nozzle removing any dried liquid soap and pump water through a few times.

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