Article - Six steps to a more eco friendly office

Six steps to a more eco friendly office

The team at one of Australasia’s leading office stationery suppliers, Corporate Express, say that the office printer is one of the easiest ways your workplace can make a difference to the environment. In fact they’ve developed a ‘Simple Steps’ programme offering some great tips for greening up at work and we have reprinted a section of it with their permission below:

1. Ensure your paper comes from a certified sustainable source and use recycled paper where possible. Recycled paper made from post-consumer waste uses less water and energy to produce compared to paper made from virgin timber.

2. Consider using premium compatible toner cartridges. Not only do they offer great value, they take less greenhouse gas emissions to produce and are 100% recyclable at the end of use.

3. Make sure your printer is set up with energy-efficient device settings. This causes the machine to power down when not in use, which could cut a printer’s electricity use significantly. If your printer doesn’t have this capability, consider a new printer with a minimum 4 EnergyStar rating which is certified to be 40% more energy-efficient.

4. Change your printer settings to print double-sided – check with your IT department if you’re not sure how to do this.

5. Place a paper-recycling bin under each desk and at printing stations throughout the office. Encourage your staff to recycle all unwanted paper. Each kg of paper or cardboard recycled saves up to 1kg of greenhouse gases.

6. Recycle used toner cartridges. Over 5,000 tonnes of used toner cartridges end up in landfill every year.

Earth Saver Logo

EarthSaver is a classification program developed by Corporate Express to identify their environmentally preferable products whether manufactured by them or by another supplier. As well as general stationery, the range also includes toner cartridges, canteen products, cleaning products (including ecostore cleaning products) and facility supplies, furniture and IT solutions. You can read more about the EarthSaver programme on their website.

If you have any tips for greener workplace practices we’d love it if you shared them with us below.

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