Article - Natural deodorant recipe from The Daily Raw

Natural deodorant recipe from The Daily Raw

One of the first things I eliminated from my home when I decided to go nasty chemical free was deodorant. Some of them are loaded with toxins like aluminium, phthalates, parabens, triclosan and propylene glycol. These are things you don’t want anywhere near you or your family.

One of the big issues with parabens is they can disrupt our endocrine systems, while the US drug administration has questioned the anti-bacterial agent triclosan, saying it could pose risks like bacterial resistance can may also be an endocrine disruptor.

Phthalates are often used as plasticisers and some of the concerns that have been identified about phthalates are eye irritation and mild skin irritation, along with endocrine disruption. Propylene glycol, meanwhile, is used in bodycare products to make them soft and less viscous, and to have a conditioning effect on skin. Potentially harmful health effects of propylene glycol include skin irritation and allergen contact dermatitis, organ system and immune toxicity, and skin sensitisation at even small concentrations.

So after going nasty chemical free, the problem was finding an alternative that worked, because obviously going without deodorant isn’t going to cut it when you’re sweating through a yoga class or you’re out shopping. There are a lot of natural deodorants out there, but I decided to give making my own a crack, and I was stoked with the results.

Natural deodorant

6 tablespoons of coconut oil

1 and a 1/2 tablespoons of baking soda

2 tablespoons of arrowroot powder

25 drops of organic tea trea oil

You want the coconut oil to be a creamy consistency - not melted, and not too hard. You can melt it slightly over some warm water, or just give it a good stir with a fork. Mix in all the other ingredients and stir really well, then scoop into a small glass jar. Voila! Ready to use.

Note: To apply, just scoop out about a 10 cent piece size, rub it between your hands then apply.

We recommend you stop using any deodorant if irritation occurs, don’t apply it directly after shaving, and check with a health professional about use during pregnancy if there are any essential oils.

Sunniva Holt is a serial entrepreneur, coach, speaker, author, wife and mother from Auckland. She blogs on her website The Daily Raw and is well known on Instagram and Facebook.

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