Article - Meet the team – National sales manager Jacqui Corbett

Meet the team – National sales manager Jacqui Corbett

As part of our meet the team series, where we gain insight into how some of the ecostore team are living more sustainably, we caught up with our national sales manager Jacqui Corbett. She shared with us her transition to eco-friendly cosmetics and how learning to make better food choices has helped her and her family become more conscious of the environment.

1. Tell us about yourself.

I am the national sales manager at ecostore in Melbourne and the core of my role is to manage our customer base and in house sales team. I used to work for a mainstream confectionary company, and as I started to develop more of an awareness around healthy nutrition, I decided that I wanted to work in a wellness focussed environment, which is what led me to ecostore. My passion for sustainable living began with food, and it’s expanded from there into other areas of my personal and family life.

I live in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. We are a sporting family of seven so much of my spare time is occupied by the kids netball and football games and training sessions. I also play netball during the week, and coach my daughters’ teams, which I really enjoy.


2. Can you share with us some of the things you do to live more sustainably?

In the last couple of years I have completely re-evaluated my cosmetics collection. I’m passionate about making sure that there’s no harmful ingredients in the day to day products I use and once I discovered that choosing greener products doesn’t mean compromising on efficacy, the transition became really easy.

Learning how we can eat better has been a big part of our wellness journey at home. It has been great to educate my children on the effects that sugar can have on our bodies and we try to stick to a paleo based diet. We also have a vegetable garden at home, which supplements a lot of our meals. I’d really love to get along to more weekend farmers markets, although with our sporting commitments we don’t have a lot of free time!

We use re-usable shopping bags and drink bottles, which has helped minimise what we send to the landfill. I grew up in the country on restricted water, so I’ve always had the mind set to use as little as possible. All of our home appliances have also been chosen based on their water and power ratings.


3. What do you think have been the main benefits of leading a more sustainable lifestyle?

Living more sustainably has taught us that the things we thought were normal, like feeling tired in the afternoon or developing the odd skin irritation aren’t actually how life has to be.

Since making healthier choices as a family, we feel healthier and more energetic, which has been evidence for us that these changes have improved the way that we live.


4. Do you have any suggestions for those looking to lighten their environmental footprint?

Challenge your expectations. Once you learn that you can live more sustainably without having to compromise on much at all, choosing eco-conscious options becomes a lot easier.


5. What is your favourite ecostore product and why?

I absolutely love the hair care collection and the whole family uses it!

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