Article - Lee-Anne Wann: The first 30 minutes of your day

Lee-Anne Wann: The first 30 minutes of your day

Health and fitness expert, Lee-Anne Wann, points out that many of us who strive for better health, wellbeing and body shape have followed many trends and diets over the years in the desire to achieve our goals. For some reason these attempts may not have been as successful as we would have liked and more often than not we’ve ended up in a worse position than when we started. Added to this, says Lee-Anne, is a sense of guilt and failure which is why she believes it’s so important to look at all the factors involved in feeling great and achieving our goals. She outlines some of those factors below.

Firstly, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is not as simple as following a calories in, calories out regimen. If that were the case then we could expect to look and feel the same by eating 1000 calories of broccoli or 1000 calories of cake. The types of food we eat, along with any chemicals used in its production or processing, and the effect they have on our hormones, can all play a major role in the outcome for our overall health. This is even more so in today’s environment where we are constantly battling high stress levels, pollution, excessive chemical and toxin exposure and lack of sleep to name a few.

Lee-Anne is a strong advocate for making small changes which can have a positive impact on the body. She recommends that we look at the first 30 minutes of our day, a bit like a food diary we might not actually realize what’s going on until it is written down. In those first thirty minutes we are exposed to chemicals and toxins from hair products, soap, body lotion, toothpaste and to detergent residues in towels and clothing. Top this off with perfume, foundation, primers (and all the things we love) and we haven’t even made it to the kitchen yet where the amount of toxins and chemicals we can be exposed to is astounding.

Any small step we can take in changing some of our everyday products to healthier, chemical-free options truly goes a long way to helping the body process the load and relieving symptoms of fatigue, excess body fat and improving health.

If you have questions for Lee-Anne, or if you’ve already started on a journey to reduce your exposure to toxic or unsafe chemicals we’d love to hear about it, please share your questions and stories in the comments section below.

Lee-Anne Wann
Our guest blogger is trusted health and fitness expert Lee-Anne Wann. Lee-Anne is currently completing a degree in Natural Medicine and has extensive accreditations in health and fitness. With over 30 qualifications to ensure she is up-to-date with the latest trends, ideas and scientific research, Lee-Anne’s approach is not fad based but one that recognises that our lives are complicated and busy.

Lee-Anne is focused on helping people get back to basics when it comes to health and fitness and we are thrilled she is an ecostore ambassador.

During the past six years Lee-Anne has written three health and fitness books and is currently writing her fourth book titled ‘Modern Problems – Simple Solutions’. She currently runs a private health practice, is the team nutritionist for the Vodafone Warriors and is resident health & fitness expert on both the James Coleman Radio show and Duncan Garner Drive Radio Show. Most importantly Lee-Anne has a genuine desire to deliver which ensures she keeps it real and ensures people focus on small things that can make great changes. You can follow Lee-Anne on Facebook and Twitter.

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