Article - Is Fragrance Free your best choice?

Is Fragrance Free your best choice?

Fragrances are added to just about every product we use around our homes these days; there’s fragrance in our cleaners and our shampoo and its even in things like tissues, disposable nappies and rubbish bags. Yet fragrance is one of the most common triggers for sensitive people with allergies and can cause reactions like dizziness, light headedness, headaches and nausea. Most of the time we have no idea what they’re made of because the formulations are top-secret although it is now mandatory to declare allergen fractions in cosmetics and more and more brands are disclosing the allergens in cleaning products.

The possible health concerns around fragrance are quite complex because there are more than 4000 different chemicals used to make fragrances and a typical one can have anywhere between 100-350 of these. Several of the chemicals used in fragrances can be toxic and more than 95% are made of synthetic compounds from petroleum. Chemicals like diethyl pthalate, benzene and aldehydes add fragrance and produce vapour but are also known carcinogens. (For more on this see the MSVU website)

We use essential oils and fractions extracted from plants such as Citrus, Eucalyptus Lavender and Patchouli in most of our products that contain fragrance because they’re more sustainable than synthetic fragrances (that come from petrochemicals). But even fragrances made from essential oils can cause an allergic reaction for some sensitive people which is why we identify any allergens in our products on the label to help people make an informed decision about whether to use them if they are aware of any potential sensitivity they may have.

There are 26 allergens commonly found in fragrances and essential oils which affect a small proportion of the population. Some of these are natural components of essential oils called fractions. The allergenic properties of fractions naturally came about as a way to repel or attract insects and animals.

If you or anyone in your home is sensitive to fragrance, even natural ones like ours, then you might like to try our Fragrance Free products - the whole range is available through our online store and at supermarkets and stores.

Our fragrance free Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for people with extra sensitive skin or allergies to fragrance. If you’d like to know more about why people use fragrance free, click here.

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