Article - How to get dishes clean more safely and naturally

How to get dishes clean more safely and naturally

We often think of a combination of hot water, foam and bubbles when we picture what’s needed to get dishes sparkling clean. But dishwash liquid and water are the only two of those things that are needed. That’s because dishwash liquid is what removes food particles and fat from our dishes, while the bubbles that are formed don’t actually have a cleaning function.

Also, dishwash liquid that produces long lasting bubbles and foam could be made from chemicals that aren’t necessary and may not be such a safe option when it comes to your health or your family’s.

We recommend checking the labels on bottles of dishwash liquid to see which chemicals are in them. Keep an eye out particularly for sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), cocamidopropyl betaine (CAPB), and synthetic perfumes and dyes, as these can be harmful to health in various ways.

Sodium laureth sulphate, for example, is plant and based and has been called a gentler alternative to sodium lauryl sulphate, but still has the potential to be a skin and eye irritate and might be contaminated with 1-4 dioxane, with is a carcinogen.

CAPB, a surfactant, is derived from natural sources, but can become contaminated with impurities during processing and these can cause skin sensitisation. Synthetic dyes and perfumes have been linked with skin, eye and lung irritation, and can cause allergic contact dermatitis.

These synthetic ingredients may also cause environmental harm due to their aquatic toxicity.

Ecostore provides a range of dishcare products with plant and mineral-based ingredients, including Dish Liquid, Auto Dish Tablets, Auto Dish Powder and Rinse Aid.

We’ve released new, improved Dish Tablets, which outperform the market leader when it comes to treating common stains, and use Boosted Oxygen for removing tough stains. They also have enhanced rinse aid to get dishes sparkling clean and their wrapper is dissolvable so you don’t have to unwrap them. Plus they’ve always been approved by Environmental Choice, an accreditation that guarantees our commitment to reducing environmental harm.

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