Article - Help kids fundraise with ecostore Good Soap

Help kids fundraise with ecostore Good Soap

Many of us have helped kids fundraise – whether it’s our own children gearing up for a school camp, a sports team needing new uniforms, or a young person we know who just has a great idea to get off the ground.

Fundraising brings communities together and taking part in these efforts gives you an opportunity to show children what it means to be part of a team and how helping others can be fun.

We all know that sweet stuff like chocolate can be a big seller – after all, who doesn’t love a treat? But we’ve got an alternative that’s a wee bit healthier - and it works! Since we launched Good Soaps in 2014 we have helped 260 organisations raise over $170,000. We like to say it’s more than a soap, because by selling it to raise funds, it can become tickets for a school trip, new equipment like computers, or a community playground.

Our Good Soap for a Good Cause comes in three delicious scents – lemongrass, grapefruit & mint, and pear pop – and a dollar from the sale of each goes to your fundraising cause.

The Grapefruit & Mint soap box also has a neat frame design ready for personalising with a message or drawing, which is why they make such good gifts.

It’s great to have something cool to sell when kids are fundraising, but it also helps to school up on how to make your fundraising efforts successful.

Here are our best tips. If you have any to add, do leave a comment and let us know!

1. Clearly define the good cause you’d like to fundraise for.

2. Determine how much money you need to raise and how many fundraising carry cases are required to reach your goal.

3. Plan your time frame and set a date. Two weeks is our suggested amount of time.

4. Choose a project leader. This person will be responsible for keeping track of the carry cases allocated to each participant and recording the money returned. You can download our handy tally sheet to help you keep track.

5. Organise a team and get parents involved by sharing your good cause and fundraising goal. You can check out our letter templates to help you out with approaching potential team members.

6. Make sure everyone involved knows all of the background information and details prior to the project starting so that they can confidently talk about the fundraiser to supporters.

7. Ensure each of your team are allocated the stock they need. You can also give them a seller’s flyer as a reminder on information about the product and how to introduce themselves to potential customers.

8. Safety is important when it comes to projects with kids. Make sure an adult is available to supervise children who are out in the community seeking fundraising support.

9. Use an incentive for selling product to motivate your team. You could have a prize gifted to the person who sells the most soap. It’s also important to recognise the input of everyone in your team- you can use our certificate template to put together an award for each member.

10. Most importantly, have fun! Fundraising is a great opportunity to get to know new members of your community, so do what you can to organize elements of the project as a team, making the experience more enjoyable.

To get started, you can place your Good Soap orders here.

Happy fundraising!

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