Article - Have you felt the healthy hair difference yet?

Have you felt the healthy hair difference yet?

We asked 2582 people how they felt after using ecostore hair care and the survey results are in - take a look and if you’ve used our hair care before we’d love to know what you think.

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    I have tried different brands of hair care.. shampoo and conditioner.
    Nothing works for me so one day I decided to try your brand and having to come to NZ and live here
    my scalp tend to dry especially during winter time.
    The ecostore conditioner for dry and damaged hair that also protect the colour did good for me.
    So i bring these haircare to the gym and use it when i shower after work out
    I also like the bar of soap with lemongrass that my fave.
    Thank you.
    By ruth on Sun September 07, 2014

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