Article - Hair washing tips for the best care

Hair washing tips for the best care

There are some simple things to add to your routine - and some common traps to avoid - when it comes to hair care. We’ve put together some tips to help take care of those locks - and if you have any others don’t hesitate to share them with us!

Don’t overdo it

There are a couple of ways you might be going overboard when you wash your hair – one is the amount of shampoo you give your hair and the other is how often you wash your hair. We sometimes hear we should cycle through shampooing, conditioning and rinsing until our hair is sparkling. But we actually don’t need to use a large amount of shampoo for each wash, especially if our hair is shorter. And unless our hair unusually dirty we don’t need to shampoo more than once during our shower. Also, many people don’t need to wash their hair every day – as little as three times as week can be fine for those with coarser, less oily hair.

Turn the temperature down

A piping hot shower is very tempting in the colder months, but it may not be so good for our hair because it can cause dryness. Better to keep the water warm when you’re washing your hair and finish by rinsing with cold water to help seal moisture in the strands.

From scalp to tip and back again

Although many of us shampoo by starting at different parts of the hair, it’s more effective to massage shampoo into the scalp to avoid damage to the ends of the hair. The ends of the hair have been growing longer and are more prone to breakage. Take the opposite approach with conditioner and use lower parts of the strand and the ends of the hair, where there is less natural hair oil than the scalp.

Softly, softly

Harshly massaging shampoo into your hair or scrubbing it with a towel can cause breakage. A gentle approach and allowing your hair to dry naturally will make it less vulnerable to damage.

Use the right type of product for your hair

Your lifestyle, hairstyle and hair type all play a part in the shampoo and conditioner you choose. Choose a product that’s suitable for fine or oily hair, dry, coloured or damaged hair.

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