Article - Good things come in small soapboxes

Good things come in small soapboxes

Christmas is a great time to relax and enjoy yourself with family and friends, but it’s easy to stress when we start to think about buying presents. Think shopping at crowded malls, under time pressure and trying to stick to a budget.

Then after the celebrations there’s a cycle of selling and regifting of the things we now have two of, don’t want or don’t have room for. This year, maybe consider keeping it simple.

We’ve got a great way to help you do this and it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your friends and family as well as contributing to a good cause.

Our new fundraising soaps are a great way to support kids raising money for things like school trips or some new equipment for their club. And they’re a healthy alternative to the chocolate bars we often see sold around our workplaces and homes. One of the two options, the grapefruit and mint soap, is packaged in a box with a cute curly frame that’s waiting to be filled with your message or greeting – or your child might want to fill it with a drawing or a sticker.

The lemongrass soap also makes a cute present – it’s got awesome artwork by our illustrator, Ahi Rands.

Each soap is only $2.50 and $1 from each soap goes to support your cause. Our plant-based soaps are lovely to use, too, with no nasty chemicals. They’re affordable, don’t take much to wrap and they smell good too!

So why not get behind your child’s school or sports club this year and stay one step ahead of the shopping madness this Christmas?

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