Article - Gold and silver at the NZ Design Awards for ecostore

Gold and silver at the NZ Design Awards for ecostore

Wonderful news! Our design partners Special Group picked up gold and silver awards for our packaging on Friday. Over the years we’ve counted ourselves lucky to be working with fantastic designers and artists to create something that we feel incredibly proud of. We appreciate the work of our friends from Special and pHD3 as well as artists Mark Smith, Deborah Smith and John Reynolds for helping us bring our values to life in our new range of packaging. The simplicity of shapes and pared back design express who we are and what we’re trying to do with our product formulations; make it easy for people to find healthier, more eco products for themselves and their families.

The black and white photographs of Mark and Deb Smith have become one of the most loved and recognisable features of ecostore since we first moved to Auckland and started working with them in 1997. We were a very small family business back then and didn’t actually have enough money to pay them but they were so passionate about what we were doing that they gave us a lot of time and work for free.

Earlier this year we also started working with NZ artist John Reynolds and love the way his use of grid lines, and swirling loops and stars is suggestive of the ‘less is more’ philosophy we apply to all aspects of product formulation. We use the least amount of chemicals at the lowest concentrations to get the best results and we don’t use cheap fillers or bulking agents to give a misleading perception of value.

Our hair and bodycare range features the distinctive drawings of NZ artist, John Reynolds

Over the next 12 months, our new bottles will be made using up to 80% post consumer regrind plastic.  This is a first in NZ for supermarket products like ours. Our plastic manufacturer is coming up with a way of using a higher percentage of recycled material in our bottles, by investing in the only multi-layered co-extrusion blow moulding machine in New Zealand. Post consumer plastic is plastic that’s been used already and has been collected off the street in local council recycling schemes. This is better for our environment because we are re-using plastic from the waste stream rather than virgin materials.

Listing product ingredients on our packaging has always been important to us and our new bottles are taking this a step further, with the adoption of an international best practice standard of disclosure – International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI).  This gives full scientific names for all ingredients.  This amount of detail is not required (in fact no disclosure is required on cleaning product labels), but we believe in full transparency to allow people to identify and independently research every ingredient – essential for people with certain allergies.

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