Article - Geranium & Orange brings sweet smell of fresh laundry

Geranium & Orange brings sweet smell of fresh laundry

Our Geranium & Orange fragrance is an essential oil blend with a fresh and summery smell that adds something special to an everyday chore. Our laundry products can be used for front and top loading machines and come in a range of sizes - powder - 500g, 1kg and 2kg and liquid - 1L and can be found in a lot of supermarkets and health stores around the country or buy online.

ecostore Laundry Detergents are also available in Lemon, Eucalyptus and Fragrance Free for anyone with extra sensitivities. The range also includes a Laundry Soaker, Fabric Softener and Delicates & Wool Wash. See the whole ecostore laundry range here.

Environmental Choice Approved NZ’s top eco label, Environmental Choice (Laundry Detergents 0212112) has approved ecostore Laundry Powders and Laundry Liquids which is your guarantee that we’re committed to environmental leadership and that these products are less harmful to the environment.

Canstar Award We won a Canstar Blue Award for Customer Satisfaction for the second year in a row for our laundry detergents, even beating some of the big brands with 5/5 stars for:

  • Quality of clean
  • Number of washes
  • Feel of clothes

Buying in bulk Buying your laundry care in bulk sizes is a great way to make savings. Did you know that by switching to our bulk Laundry Powder you can save 10c per wash when you compare our 4.5kg size with our 1kg?

Care for your skin Your skin is your largest organ and being porous it can absorb chemicals in comes into contact with. Many laundry products contain chemicals like optical brighteners, as well as synthetic dyes and perfumes. The problem is that residues of these chemicals stay in your clothes and can add to skin irritations including eczema and dermatitis. Over the years we’ve had hundreds of letters and emails like the one below, from people letting us know that their skin problems or allergies have improved and sometimes disappeared altogether just by switching to ecostore products.

My granddaughter aged 11 has suffered from eczema since birth. Many chemicals later she is now clear of the embarrassing lesions on her fingers and body, thanks to your products. Two weeks after changing to your washing powder there was a huge improvement in her skin and now 6 weeks later she has been healed. Well done!!!!! Brilliant products.
Judy - Email

No Nasty chemicals Being free of skin-irritating chemicals, our Laundry products care for your skin while providing outstanding cleaning performance.No Ethanolamine - this chemical is a known eye, skin and lung irritant, possible organ system toxicity. You can find out more about which nasty chemicals to avoid on the ecostore website.

  • No enzymes - cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. Once entering the environment they are slow to break down and can build up in aquatic life.
  • No optical brighteners - cause skin irritation as they remain on clothing after wash
  • No phosphates - environmental pollutant

Have you used any of our laundry products before? We’d love to hear what you think of them, and don’t forget to try our new Geranium & Orange products, early feedback shows they’re going to become a firm favourite.

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    This is my new favourite product! It is SO fresh
    By Lindsey on Wed November 27, 2013
  • photo
    Such a great new fragrance! Thanks team
    By Cam on Wed November 27, 2013

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