Article - Eight great poses to get yoga into your Spring

Eight great poses to get yoga into your Spring

With days getting brighter and longer, it’s a great time to fit in more exercise and movement for daily wellness. Yoga can contribute to wellbeing in so  many ways, including greater flexibility and strength, better posture and circulation, a lift in mindfulness and mood, and preparation for genuinely restful sleep.

Our ambassador, yogi Nikki Ralston, ran the #kiwiyoginichallenge on Instagram throughout September and the results were amazing. The challenge was all about community and connection, and encouraging “every ‘body’” to get involved. Each day, a different teacher ‘hosted’ a pose, and there were some beautiful photos from among more than 700 posts of people giving them a try.

We hope this selection of photos from the challenge will be really helpful if you’re a beginner - or if you’re more advanced might offer some inspiration to extend yourself or try something new.


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