Article - ecostore founders give endangered duck a new home

ecostore founders give endangered duck a new home

The Pateke, or Brown Teal duck is endemic to NZ and is one of our rarest waterfowl species with less than 1000 birds left. Thanks to the work of a recovery group set up by the Dept. of Conservation who have been breeding the ducks in captivity, there are now 600 birds on Great Barrier Island and a growing population on the east coast of Northland.

Last week Malcolm and I were lucky enough to be part of the release of 30 Pateke on the dam that Malcolm and his father Geoff built over 20 years ago at our home in Northland (affectionately called ‘Dam Geoff’). Hold-ups on the delivery of the birds meant the release didn’t happen until after dark but I still managed to get a few pics on my iphone of the release and another couple the next morning. Thanks to Mike and Jane and other friends and neighbours from our local Landcare group (who will continue monitoring the birds), for making this happen. We know Malcolm’s father would have been thrilled that the Dam he built is now home to this beautiful duck.

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