Article - Do your bit to clean up and minimise waste

Do your bit to clean up and minimise waste

Keep New Zealand Beautiful (KNZB) Week, which happens in September, got us thinking about how important it is to play our part and stop local areas getting cluttered with rubbish. It’s a great initiative, but the good news is you don’t have to wait for weeks like this one. You can get stuck in, in lots of ways, at any time.

There are several organisations out there if you like the idea of organising a cleanup.

The Department of Conservation’s got some information on its website about setting up a community event and how you can contact one of their offices or the council about helping.

Another option is volunteering your time - check out Sea Cleaners or Sustainable Coastlines.

Sustainable Coastlines runs Love Your Coast, a programme to keep beaches rubbish free. It’s another one where you can join cleanups near you or set up your own.

The project is a collaboration with Keep New Zealand Beautiful, the Sir Peter Blake Trust, Social Innovation and Watercare Harbour Clean-up Trust. It’s got videos and documents for planning an event and the project encourages you to record as much information as you can about how much rubbish you’ve collected, and to share your results.

Sustainable Coastlines has also launched a pretty cool campaign with Phoenix Drinks and Tangaroa Blue Foundation, The Love Project, designed to clean up beaches around the country. All you do is vote on Facebook for your favourite beach and it will win a summer cleanup.

You might also want to give time to Conservation Volunteers, which brings together a range of groups interesting in making the environment sustainable.

When it comes to rubbish, plastic is a big culprit. According to Plastics New Zealand, 252,000 tonnes of plastic waste goes to our landfills every year. Buying in bulk and refilling bulk size containers are a really good ways to reduce the waste that can clutter our environment.


Take a look at our recent blog about how to reduce the plastic packaging of our products.

Plus you can find out here about what we’re doing to minimise packaging and waste, and look at options for buying in bulk.

If you want to take part in what KNZB is doing, head to If you miss out for 2014, then make sure you check it out next time around.

Don’t forget that cleaning up your local area can be a regular habit, not just a formal event. We’ve played our part with a KNZB Clean Up around the streets of Freemans Bay and Ponsonby in Auckland.

If you’ve got other ideas for cleaning up your area, leave a comment us know!

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