Article - Detoxing with juices for optimal health

Detoxing with juices for optimal health

Si Guppy of ‘Crave Vitality’ says that when it comes to taking care of ourselves many of us tend to focus more on weight loss and how we look, rather than on how accumulated toxicity can affect our health. As a result there are many ‘quick fixes’ out there in the form of fad diets which are can be hard to sustain and often fail in the longer term.

The destructive cycle of poor food choices
Trying to sustain our energy levels can lead to a destructive cycle of sugar cravings followed by tiredness and adrenal fatigue which finds us reaching for even more poor food choices for quick energy. Yet people can struggle to lose weight because of accumulated toxicity (our bodies use fat cells to store toxins). Cellulite, acne, boils, eczema and other skin eruptions are the bodies signals that something’s not right.

Exercise is not enough
We have the natural ability to process and eliminate toxins but this ability is hindered by things like too much stress and insufficient levels of healthy gut bacteria. Without healthy gut bacteria we can’t absorb nutrients or excrete toxins and yet 80% of modern disease has origins in the gut. In a highly acidic state exercise is not enough and can even exacerbate your health problems, by placing even more stress on the body.

How fresh juices can help you detox
This all sounds pretty bad but don’t worry; according to Simon, juicing fresh fruit and vegetables can help break the destructive cycle by helping to get extra nutrients on board and replacing otherwise poor food choices. By adding juices to your diet it’s possible to  retrain your taste buds - even 1 juice per day can make a difference. People that have a higher toxic load could have an adverse reaction to juicing so if you’ve never done a detox before it would be better to start with fruit juices and move to more alkalising green juices as your body adjusts. Many of us have accumulated toxicity over long periods which means it can take a while to detox yourself so here are a few of Simon’s tips to help you get started. Simon’s 5 tips for detoxing

  1. Replace one meal with a juice and you’ll not only get the benefit of lots of delicious vitamins and minerals, you’ll also get enzymes and give your gut bacteria a boost
  2. Use certified organic or spray free produce for your juices whenever you can but if they’re not available or too expensive then just make sure your produce is as fresh as possible. An overnight soak in a basin of filtered water with 2 drops of hydrogen peroxide (available in most pharmacies) and a tsp of white vinegar followed by a quick rinse should neutralise your fruit and vegetables. The only fruit and vegetables to steer clear of if they’re not organic are celery and strawberries as they tend to be heavily sprayed during production.
  3. Reduce stress by making sure you get enough sleep. Get to bed earlier, put away any ipads, iphones and other devices and if you’re charging them overnight, make sure they’re nowhere near your bed
  4. Support your body by doing constructive exercise like yoga or pilates which will not only create mood-lifting endorphins, you’ll also gain energy, regulate bowel function and activate the lymphatic system which is the key to detoxification.
  5. Reduce your exposure to chemical toxins in your home. Read the labels of everyday products you use and switch to low toxic options - for a list of some of the nasty chemicals to avoid take at the Nasty Chemicals Index on the ecostore website.

Si Guppy has spent 16 years researching optimum diets to offset our busy and often stressful lives. He is training as a Personal Trainer and studying for an accredited certificate in Nutrition. Si supports wellness through detoxification and maintenance from a whole food plant-based diet. If you’d like to learn more about detoxing from Si and his team you can visit the Crave Vitality website

Tip: Not all juicers are created equally - one of the best we’ve found is the Oscar Juicer which can be purchased online at the ecostoredirect

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    I struggle to accept the concept that taking in a juice is superior to eating a plant-based meal plan. It is just so easy to eat a required amount of leafy material which then provides all of the fibre that the body needs for healthy living.
    By Brian Batchelder on Thu January 16, 2014

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