Article - Cleaning the bathroom? Check your toothbrush and toothpaste

Cleaning the bathroom? Check your toothbrush and toothpaste

When we’re asked which object in our house is most contaminated with bacteria or mould, we’d probably think of the toilet seat. But bacteria can thrive in much more unexpected places.

When we clean the bathroom we often concentrate our efforts on the sink, shower and floor. It’s easy for things like our toothbrush and toothpaste tube to be overlooked, but cleaning them is just as important as other bathroom objects.

Jack n Jill makes calendula toothpastes with organic flavours, and they have some great advice about caring for oral care products, especially the ones our kids use. Its pharmacist and co-director Justin Bernhaut says germs can be spread to these products after using the toilet, but before they have washed their hands.

“Most people don’t think about the amount of bacteria that accumulates on a toothbrush and how important it is to rinse it thoroughly after each use, especially when children and toddlers use the brushes and put them in all sorts of interesting places other than their mouths!”

Toothbrushes are usually stored in the bathroom, a room which can become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria when airborne and transferred bacteria combine with humidity.

Other than rinsing your toothbrush, the other important aspect of  controlling bacteria on toothbrushes is to store them upright. A brush left to dry lying horizontally on its back will drain any remaining bacteria into the bristle joins of the brush.

When using a biodegradable brush made of cornstarch or bamboo it is especially important to look after the toothbrush to avoid multiplication of bacteria.

To care for your toothpaste tube, Jack n Jill recommends cleaning away small amounts of crystallised toothpaste on cap opening with a clean, damp cloth, then drying it with a clean, dry cloth. And it advises keeping the flip top lid closed and storing the tube upright.

It’s useful to remember the need to store oral care products as far as possible from the toilet area.

Jack n Jill makes calendula toothpastes with organic flavours.

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    Hi Sacha, we don't make a toothpaste but would recommend our shampoo and hand cream for avoiding nasty chemicals.
    By Melanie Rands on Thu October 20, 2016
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    is there a site that I can email to avoid nasty chemicals for the following :
    skin lotion and
    especially SOAP BAR
    By sacha on Sat October 15, 2016

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