Article - Breathing easy inside our homes

Breathing easy inside our homes

Many of us spend a lot of time indoors - particularly when our kids are little - so it’s important to make sure the air inside our homes is safe to breathe.

This can be difficult when there are so many things that can affect our indoor air quality including fumes from paint, new furniture, cleaning products, disinfectants, air fresheners, insect repellents and more.

Babies and young children are more vulnerable to pollutants in the air because they have narrower airways and need more oxygen relative to their size. They also breathe more rapidly, inhaling more pollutant per kg of body weight than adults do (Source: World Health Organisation).

So what’s the answer? Our ‘Breathe Easy’ video (< 2 mins) gives you some simple and effective tips to make sure the air inside your home is safer to breathe for yourself and your family and as always - if you have any other great tips to share we’d love to hear them.

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