Article - 10 surprising uses for sugar that don’t involve a recipe book

10 surprising uses for sugar that don’t involve a recipe book

Ecostore’s new Carbon Capture™ Paks, made from renewable sugarcane, are pretty sweet. The sugarcane draws CO2 out of the environment as it grows, which is then captured in the plastic, so choosing products with this packaging is one step you can take to help reduce your carbon footprint. They’re just one way to use a bit less sugar in your diet and put it to good use instead. We’ve found some other uses for sugar that could surprise you…

1. Make a body scrub

Making a paste from a sugar and oil mix – that could be olive oil or coconut oil – makes a great exfoliant. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil if you want to luxe it up a bit.

2. First aid

If you’ve burned your tongue from hot food or drinks, sugar can be a soothing treatment. It can also work with dressings to help heal some wounds and sores, because it draws water from the wound to the dressing, starving bacteria of water.

3. Flower power

A few teaspoons of sugar in the vase helps flowers stay fresh for longer, keeping the stems healthy and strong.

4. Clean up your coffee grinds

Sugar absorbs what’s left behind after you grind your coffee beans. Running the sweet stuff through the grinder after a few coffees will soak up the odours and residue that the beans leave behind.

5. Stain remover

Getting grass stains out of kids’ clothes is never easy, but blending sugar and water and leaving it on the stain for an hour or so is a simple remedy.

6. Make a bug trap

Insects like flies and wasps can be snared with a boiled water and sugar syrup. Once the syrup cools, put jarfulls outside or on window sills to trap these insects.

7. Keep food fresh

Bread, cheese and cake can all benefit from a few sugar cubes alongside them in your airtight containers to keep them fresh for longer, as the sugar is hydroscopic and absorbs moisture from the air.

8. Clean your hands

You’ve heard of sugar soap, right? A mix of oil and sugar has the same degreasing effect when you’re trying to get gunk off your hands.

9. Sweeten the medicine

The old saying is true – a spoonful of sugar really does help the medicine go down if your children need to take something that doesn’t taste too good.

10. Put it in your packaging

ecostore’s new Carbon Capture™ Paks made from renewable sugarcane, are just one way to put sugar to good use, they are 100% recyclable and help to reduce your carbon footprint.

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    […] 10 surprising uses for sugar […]
    By Ecostore’s sweet plastic alternative… on Tue September 30, 2014
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    The body scrub is fabulous. You would not believe how soft the skin is afterwards
    By Carissa on Sun September 28, 2014

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