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How to buy Fairtrade and shop with a purpose

We’re big fans of the idea of products and businesses with a purpose that’s bigger than themselves, which is why we like to get behind Fairtrade.

May 6th, 2015
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How to get dishes clean more safely and naturally

Dishwash liquid that produces long lasting bubbles and foam could be made from chemicals that aren’t necessary and may not be such a safe option when it comes to your health .

April 6th, 2015
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Closing the loop: the Recycling Station trial

We’re excited to introduce The Recycling Station, a new joint trial initiative that closes the loop on the recycling system and gives new life to everyday household plastic.

March 6th, 2015
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Make your Mother’s Day (competition now closed)

We want to help you find some inspiration for a greener day for your mum this year.

April 20th, 2015
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Tips to green up back to school

There’s a lot to think about when your kids start the new school year, but it’s also a chance to set in place some more eco-friendly choices.

January 20th, 2015
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Creative upcycling: from trash to treasure

Upcycling is a great way to get creative about making old things new, and reduce waste at the same time.

November 3rd, 2014
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Multi-Purpose Cleaner label
Labelled with care: The power of information

It’s hard to know which everyday products to buy, but labels are an important part of making that choice. We’ve broken down one of our labels to try to show the power of information.

October 8th, 2014
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Take steps against climate change with our new Carbon Capture™ Paks

We’re proud to be the first Kiwi manufacturer to switch to bottles made from sugarcane plastic. If you make the switch too, by buying products with these new Carbon Capture packs, you can play a part in helping stop climate change.

September 27th, 2014
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People's Climate March
Do your bit to help stop climate change

The People’s Climate March drew hundreds of thousands of supporters around the world and Kiwis played their part. There are also lots of small things you can do now to help stop climate change.

September 22nd, 2014
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Do your bit to clean up and minimise waste

It’s important to do your bit for cleaning up your local beach or area – and we’ve rounded up some ways you can volunteer your time and effort. Buying in bulk and refilling are also great for minimising waste.

September 17th, 2014
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