Article - Valerie Adams gives ecostore’s healthy fundraising her best shot

Valerie Adams gives ecostore’s healthy fundraising her best shot

We’ve watched with pride every time shot put world champ Valerie Adams has flown our flag on the global stage, and that’s why we’re so excited that she’s lent her support to our new healthy fundraising initiative.

Good Soap for a Good Cause is a healthier, sugar-free alternative to the fundraising schools, early childhood centres, sports and community groups and not for profits often do by selling chocolates or sizzling sausages.

By selling ecostore soap, groups make $1 for each soap they sell – plus they’re made from plant-based ingredients that nourish your skin and they’re cruelty free and safer for you.

Valerie has been a top athlete since she was young and has spent years fundraising to go to national tournaments, so she knows it can be hard.

“It’s character building and makes you want that title even more. I love that ecostore’s initiative is a healthy option that schools, early childhood centres, charities and not-for-profit organisations can use – and who doesn’t need soap?

“I understand it’s really tough for groups to raise money and an easy fix is to sell chocolate or sweets and hold sausage sizzles, but New Zealand’s obesity rates are out of control and injecting more junk food into the community is the last thing our children need.”


We wanted to give groups a healthy fundraising option because obesity and early onset diabetes are such big issues in New Zealand. A Ministry of Healthy survey last year showed 30% of New Zealand adults (1.69 million people) and 10% of our children (79,000) are obese, and just under half of those are Maori and Pacific Island children. The Ministry predicts obesity will become the country’s leading risk to our health in 2016.

Doing good stuff is at the heart of our brand and Good Soap for a Good Cause is one way ecostore is trying to encourage healthy communities, says our CEO Malcolm Rands.

“Early onset diabetes is incredibly concerning for health implications going forward and I believe as a country we all need to be part of the solution.”

The soap comes in two varieties – Grapefruit and Mint, and Lemongrass – and they come in a carry carton of 24. We’ve also developed a whole range of online resources you can download to make sure your fundraising goes well - including tips on successful selling, a tally sheet, a flyer to leave behind, a certificate to reward sellers, plus letter templates.

Head to our website to find out more – we hope you’ll join Valerie and choose this healthy alternative the next time your kids are fundraising.

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