Article - Tips for saving water this Autumn

Tips for saving water this Autumn

It’s easy to think of Summer – when we water our gardens, top up the pool and have more cold drinks - as the time we’re more likely to waste water. But as we head into the cooler months, we turn more to an evening cuppa, or a hot shower or bath.

According to The Nature Conservancy, the average person uses about 200 litres of water a day to wash themselves or their clothes, do home cleaning, to drink or to help prepare food.

Being frugal with our water use is a great way to help the planet – and can be a lot friendlier on our wallets! The good news is you can make small changes to contribute to overall water savings in your community or city.

Below is an infographic with some of the changes you might consider making – and if you have some to add, why not leave us a comment?

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