Article - Meet the team: sales and marketing executive Michelle Richardson

Meet the team: sales and marketing executive Michelle Richardson

As part of our Meet the Team series, we caught up with our sales and marketing executive Michelle to talk about her resolution to reduce her packaging waste and how she’s become a more conscious consumer.

1. Tell us about yourself

I’m a Kiwi who’s been living in Melbourne for the past seven years. I live in an inner city suburb, and ride my bike to the Australian ecostore office each day.

My role as sales and marketing executive sees me work as a key support for the Australian sales team at ecostore. I assist on most accounts, and I manage select accounts. I really enjoy the customer facing side of my role, as well as seeing ecostore grow from strength to strength.

I love yoga, and have found a studio close to home that does a 6am class, which I often go to before work. It’s such an incredible way to start the day. On the weekends I’ll go running with friends – we try to combine socialising with doing something active and I try to make the most of spending time outdoors.

2. Can you share with us some of the things you do to live more sustainably?

I try to be a thoughtful consumer and this year my resolution is to reduce my use of products with excess packaging.

I’m focusing on minimising packaging at home, so I’ll buy pantry staples from bulk bins, and I’ve been making bread and yoghurt to reduce bread bags and yoghurt pots. I’ve stopped using rubbish bin liners and keep a re-usuable shopping bag in my car so I don’t have to resort to plastic. I’ve also found some great products with compostable components, such as bamboo toothbrushes and cotton buds. There’s also a really cool product in the market called HoneyBee wraps – it’s a beeswax infused fabric wrap that replaces Gladwrap – and you can use it over and over again.

At home I compost, which minimises food waste. It’s really easy to do once it’s set up. Setting up my own vegetable garden is my next project.

When it comes to cosmetics, I’m always inclined to choose eco options, made without harmful chemicals, and often I’ll find these at my local health food shop Terre Madre, which alsos stock a great range of organic food.

 3. What do you think have been the main benefits of leading a more sustainable lifestyle?

I think an important benefit of leading a more sustainable lifestyle is helping to protect the planet, which we hope will be in a good state for future generations. We can all contribute.

Saving on packaging means sending less to the landfill, and thinking about the products we use creates consciousness of the wider impact. You’re more inclined to choose options that protect the environment, and your own health, once you know more about something.

4. Do you have any suggestions for those looking to lighten their environmental footprint?

My tip is to choose something that really interests you, and learn lots about it. It’s information that compels you to make a change in your life. While it can be hard to do good in every aspect of life, you can make a start with one aspect.

5. What is your favourite ecostore product and why?

I’m a soap girl, so I love the ecostore boxed soaps. The Manuka Honey & Kelp Soap is particularly nice as the kelp acts as a gentle exfoliant. The boxed soaps make a cute pillow gift too when you have guests staying.

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    I shop at the Greengrocers where my Fruit and Veges go into my Basket ,so there is no Packaging at all ! Also because our diet consists of Fresh Veges and Meat ,Fish and Chicken and eggs ,there are not many Packaged and processed foods that I buy ,so this means ,no Chemicals and no Polystyrene !
    My favourite Product from Ecostore is the Dishwashing Detergent ,as its so gentle on your skin and also the Washing Powder as it cleans the clothes really well in my Front Loader and is also good for my family ,who have allergies !
    By Anita on Sat July 23, 2016
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    Last month I was at Woolies locally and bought a selection of eco store products for my kitchen and laundry.

    I will be back there to buy more when I need it.

    I love your business concept and share to the public when I see your posts.

    I love being part of spreading environmentally friendly ideas and products.
    By Marilyn Gandhi on Thu July 21, 2016
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    Hi, I'm still dealing with going without plastic this month definitely not buying it - I did buy a box of Balfours square meat pies and to my delight found there was no plastic in it.
    I am definitely doing a month of not buying anything new because I am decluttering, trying to empty my freezer, clean out the fridge and importantly trying to pay essential bills like water rates, electricity and council rates. I really have no money to spare.
    By Marilyn Gandhi on Thu July 21, 2016

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