Article - Gentler options for baby: the O’Hoy family’s story

Gentler options for baby: the O’Hoy family’s story

Central Auckland couple Ros and Stephen O’Hoy starting seeking eco products when they had their first daughter Meelan four years ago. And with little Ada’s arrival, gentler options took on an even more important dimension. We talked to Ros about her family’s journey with ecostore.


Tell us a bit about you and Stephen.

I’m a stay at home mum, but prior to having children and in between having my children I was a team leader in community services at Auckland Council. My husband Stephen is a content manager. We met and got married about eight years ago. We had our first daughter Meelan four years ago and we had little Ada a year and a half ago.

How did you come across ecostore products?

My parents had a biodynamic, organic garden. I was definitely aware of ecostore. There are other brands out there but ecostore has always had that reputation for quality.

I’ve only come back to wanting to use gentler products since I’ve had children. As a student and when you have your first job, it’s about what’s cheapest. When you have children, nothing’s good enough for them, especially your first one. We’ve always used the conditioner and the baby soap. The conditioner is the only thing that gets the knots out of my older girl’s hair. The whole family uses it.

Do your daughters have any skincare issues you find ecostore baby products work well for?

Ada gets eczema so we have to use quite gentle products for her. We’ve just had to try and manage it so that’s why we need really gentle stuff. When I wash her I use ecostore soap - that’s been the softest I’ve found. I’ve actually also used apple cider vinegar, a cup in a baby bath, and let her soak in it. It seems to just take the irritation down a bit.

Why do you use eco products?

It’s a combination of the health aspects and the environmental benefits. But I’m also not going to buy something if it doesn’t work. With the stuff I’ve used from ecostore, it does. I’m doing it for the environment and because it’s gentle for the kids, but it does actually work. It’s not a product you feel like you have to use extra of.

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