Article - ecostore R&D manager serves community with the Fire Service

ecostore R&D manager serves community with the Fire Service

When he’s not at work heading up the ecostore Research and Development team, Huia Iti has been going through some intensive training to become a volunteer fireman. Huia started his training in January this year and just completed his breathing apparatus training last Sunday having already completed first aid and basic training.

The building behind him is a realistic fire training building (RFTB) which is made of concrete and steel with internal ladders and stairs. According to Huia, its pitch black inside apart from the light from the fire on the lower level. It also gets very hot with the maximum allowable temp of 300°C so Huia reckons he now knows how a roast chicken in the oven feels! Thankfully the fire fighting kit he is wearing is incredibly protective to cope with the temperature.

Huia in full fire fighting gear

We’d just like to say congratulations for completing his training and a huge thank you to Huia and the other men and women who volunteer their time and energy for the fire service, for doing their bit to serve their communities.

Just a reminder - have you and your family made your Escape Plan in the event of a fire? You might also like to download this useful Home Fire Safety Checklist from the Fire Service and keep it somewhere handy.


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