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The number one reason for taking your dog or cat to the vet.
Posted On October 2nd, 2013

Dog on the beach

Did you guess? It’s skin disease and the annoying licking, scratching and nibbling that goes with it. Itchy pets are a frustrating condition for all involved. Having to listen to your cat scratching or your dog licking its feet all night, and the sleep deprivation that comes with it, means a quick fix is often necessary but how often do we get down to the underlying reason for the scratching? Simply put – it’s either because of something we put on them or something we put in them. External parasites and dietary allergies are easily rectified but what about our pet’s home environment?

We’re currently seeing an increasing number of allergic skin disease in our indoor animal companions. Cleaning products, laundry and dish detergents, carpet cleaners and controlled air conditioning are all likely suspects when trying to identify what it is that our pets are allergic to. It makes sense doesn’t it? If we can be hypersensitive to cosmetics and chemicals applied to our skin why wouldn’t our pets be? Actually, we think they’re the canaries in the coal mines often showing symptoms earlier than their owners. Chemical toxicity, especially for indoor-only pets, can also be life threatening. If they drink from showers, sinks and toilets, which may have been recently cleaned then fatal gut, liver or kidney disease may occur. We need to be more eco-aware when it comes to taking care of our pets.

Our guest blogger today is Dr Megan Alderson from The Strand Vet in Auckland. Find out how they can help you to ‘spring clean your pet’ by visiting their website or take a look at their facebook page to WIN some great prizes (including 10 ‘pet friendly’ buckets of ecostore goodies).

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