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Reduce waste: say no to single use plastics
Posted On April 26th, 2012
A stainless steel drink bottle

Stainless steel drink bottles will last a lifetime (unless you lose them). The one I use is 500ml as I find this lighter and easier to carry with me. It has a handy carabiner on the lid so I can attach it to my bag but you can also get them with sipper tops like the plastic drink bottles have. I also named mine.

Just say no to single-use plastics.
Plastic is everywhere and at times it just can’t be avoided but things that are designed to be used once and thrown away like water bottles, plastic bags, cutlery, drinking straws, take away coffee cups, sushi and other food containers are a huge contribution to the waste stream that goes to landfill or even worse, ends up in our oceans. We know it can be hard to get it right all the time but it’s worth remembering that every little bit we do makes a difference.

Things you can use instead:

  1. Buy a reusable stainless steel water bottle and either learn to love your tap water or invest in a water filter.
  2. Keep a set of reusable shopping bags at home or in the car.
  3. Buy a reusable coffee cup.
  4. Take your own container with you when you buy takeaways like sushi and keep a bottle of soy sauce or tamari (which has the added bonus of being wheat free) at work or at home rather than taking a little soy-sauce-filled plastic fish.
  5. Buy items like milk in bulk size containers.
  6. If you’ve ended up with some of these plastics at home – then wash and sort them for re-use or recycling.
  7. Old plastic food containers can be used to store things like nails, screws, picture hooks, matches, candles.
  8. Plastic bags that don’t have rips or tears can be taken to the supermarket and used again or used as bin liners.

If you have more tips and ideas on ways to avoid single use plastics we’d love to hear them, please leave your comments below.

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3 responses to “Reduce waste: say no to single use plastics”

  1. v sowmya says:

    -using metal spoon instead of plastic spoons
    -using a cotton shower curtain instead of plastic shower curtain
    -storing food in reusable containers rather than using throw-away plastic wrap…
    -following 4 R principle…..

  2. Royalbluebernie says:

    I also have reusable chopsticks in my drawer at work and at home, and a washable napkin cloth. I refill my cooking oils, washing liquids and soy sauce. 🙂

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